For a dad from just outside of Calgary, Alberta, starting his own business means he can spend more time with his son.

That’s what Kevin Joyce says excites him most personally about the launch of in Airdrie, Alberta.

Airdrie is a community of a just over 60,000, up the Queen Elizabeth Highway from Calgary. Originally created as a railway stop during the building of the Calgary and Edmonton Railway, Airdrie has seen immense growth with new subdivisions, an industrial presence and hundreds of businesses built to serve the community.

With the launch of Kevin will be working with small and medium sized locally-owned businesses to help push the Shop Local Movement in Airdrie.

Kevin is no stranger to the world of local business. Before moving to Alberta, Kevin owned and operated 6 Subway franchises in Sudbury, Ontario and opened up a successful jewelry store in Calgary after making the move out West.

He says he chose to launch because now he can help other businesses succeed while staying in control of his calendar, ensuring he’ll be able to be there for hockey games, school plays and other important family events.

Kevin sees great opportunity in Airdrie as younger people move out of the city to start families in the community around him and wants to help these new residents connect with their local businesses. Kevin understands the struggle small business owners face in getting the word out about their businesses because he has experienced it himself.

“I’m excited to share the platform to let people know that you can stay in Airdrie and you don’t have to go to Calgary to buy items that you can find in your own back yard, ” Kevin says of the Shop Local movement. “Especially with the rise of, people are ordering online more and more. I figure let’s create our own locally — the potential is huge!” is the latest site to launch in Alberta, following the recent launches of and, as well as and

“We are so excited to see our team in Alberta growing so quickly,” said CEO Colin Pape. “I know that with Kevin’s charisma and empathy for the struggles small businesses face in Airdrie, that will have a great impact on the community.”

Kevin says he’s always tried to be positive and focus on what he has, not what he doesn’t.  For that reason he’s looking forward to leading with honesty, integrity and understanding. In his spare time he frequents his son’s hockey games, focuses on fitness and is a self-proclaimed board game whiz.

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