The Platform

The platform gives small businesses all the tools they need to take on the biggest competition

The Full Online Marketing Suite for Small Business

Most small businesses struggle with online marketing. There are just too many options, too much to learn, and not enough time to do it in.

With, we wanted to make it easy. Really easy.

Our one-of-a-kind platform lets small businesses update more, track more, and do more in one simple interface. Businesses love it because it lets them manage all of their odds and ends in less time, for less money. Customers love it because it lets them stay up to date with all of their favourite businesses. And cities love it because it helps grow their communities and keep more dollars local.

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Features for Businesses


A Full Featured Online Marketplace

Each business gets a full online store that can be set up and updated in just a few minutes. Customers can buy online or fill their cart and complete their purchase in store. Online payments are processed through PayPal with absolutely no extra fees from us.


Powerful Social Media Tools

Publish everywhere at once. Our social media tools let small businesses update all of their social networks simultaneously. You can even schedule posts weeks or months ahead of time, so you can get back to business faster.


Robust Business Profiles

Showcase more about your business in one convenient location. Our business profiles are packed full of features to help you reach new, loyal customers.


Smart Coupons & Deals of the Day

Our tools let small businesses offer and display coupons throughout our ecosystem. They can also offer, track and redeem gift certificates completely through our platform. Local businesses love offering “daily deal” vouchers through our platform because they get to keep 100% of their sales.


Tools to Leverage Your Network

Businesses can showcase their Twitter, Facebook, and other profiles to add social validation to their business listings. Our platform is also full of ways to share businesses, events, and offers with friends, to help businesses grow their word-of-mouth marketing and grow their networks.


Easy Newsletter Management

Our all-in-one newsletter system lets businesses easily capture emails and send attractive emails. Reward your most loyal customers with exclusive offers, or send time-sensitive discounts directly to all of your followers.

Better Business Websites

No website? No problem. offers smart, affordable web designs for small businesses that you can bundle with our marketing packages. Our small business websites use responsive design to look and feel great on any device, from the smallest smartphone to the largest cinema display. With custom domain names, custom branding, and extra features geared to your business and industry, getting a site you’ll love has never been easier.

Get more out of your website

With, you’ll never have to log into your website again. All of our custom-built sites can be updated directly from the interface, so you can publish to your profile, social media, and your own website with a single click.

Upgrade your current website

Already have a site you love? We can install plugins that will let you publish from our interface, just like our own custom sites. It’s the easiest way to keep your website fresh and updated.

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