For Teams helps agencies, firms, and brokerages develop new revenue streams while building their local network.

Provide More Value & Generate More Revenue

Are you ready to become your city’s leader of the shop local movement?

By giving local businesses the tools they need to compete online against much larger competition, you’ll generate goodwill in your community while building a significant monthly recurring revenue stream. For much less than the cost of a franchise, you’ll receive a premium domain name, extensive training, only the best marketing templates, and the support of our back office.

More than 65,000 businesses across the US and Canada have already joined the platform, and we’re still just getting started. Find out today if the City Manager program is a good fit for your business, and if your city is still available.

Why is the City Manager Program Great for Agencies, Brokerages, and Other Teams?

While individuals can make great City Managers, having a local and capable sales staff can make a big difference.

It takes time to visit every business in your community, listen to their unique needs and pain points, and show them how our platform can help them compete against national chains and big box stores. When you have a well developed local sales staff, you can address their objections quicker, build relationships faster, and cover significantly more ground.

A City Manager license can also help you develop your own business. When you can approach businesses as your community’s leader of the shop local movement, it’s easy to build common ground and open doors that would otherwise be closed to your industry sales pitches. Since City Manager licenses don’t come with all the restrictions of franchise agreements, it’s easy to remarket your own services later.

You can also use the platform and tool kit to market your own business. Once you know how to get the most out of our extensive toolkit, you’ll be able to manage your social media, newsletters, online profiles, website content and more all in one convenient location, reaching new customers and reconnecting with old ones at a rate you’ve never seen before.

Why is the City Manager Program Great for Chambers of Commerce?

Every Chamber wants to provide more value to their local business community and economy, and can help.

  • Provide more value at a very low price. Suddenly, your members will be able to upload their entire product catalogs, schedule social media posts, send newsletters, offer coupons, track gift certificates, and even update their own websites from one simple interface.
  • Enhance Chamber membership retention rates. When all of your digital marketing tools are in one place, backed up by local support, businesses actually use them.
  • Strengthen existing relationships with member businesses. As your members use your shop site on a daily basis, you’ll form stronger bonds and become a more integral part of their businesses.
  • Promote the Chamber on your own shop site. With our digital marketing toolkit, it’s easy to promote Chamber events, inspire civic pride, and make your Chamber relevant for a whole new generation.
  • Enable incentive programs. Bundle premium packages with Chamber memberships to get even more attention from local businesses.
  • Synchronize and Power the Chamber Directory through our platform. Our platform makes it easy to manage and update your member businesses’ profiles.

The Business Model

The model lets City Managers grow their recurring revenue while helping local businesses.

There are three main ways businesses participate:

Free Profiles

Any and every business in your city can set up a free profile page and post to the news feed.

These profiles let businesses try out the platform and get a feel for the community before making any commitments. Even if a business doesn’t upgrade to a paid package, they will still get to keep their limited profile listing forever. Free profiles allow businesses to upload their logo, hours, business description, contact information, methods of payment, contact form, and more.

Self-Serve Packages

For $30-$150 per month, businesses get access to our full suite of online marketing tools.

They also receive featured listings that appear throughout the site, enhanced exposure to new customers, and other advanced features to help them grow their business. They can also upload much more content than a free profile.

Managed Packages

For $200-$400 per month, businesses receive everything in the self-serve package, plus a dedicated account manager.

Their account manager can help them use the tools in their online marketing suite, upload inventory to their online marketplace, craft newsletters, schedule social media updates, and so much more. Managed packages will also receive higher priority category ranking and can upload even more content.

How Much Can I Make as a City Manager?

Market SizeSalesIncome*
Small (15,000 to 30,000)$100,000 to $350,000$50,000 to $225,000
Medium (70,100 to 100,000)$600,000 to $1 million$300,000 to $650,000
Large (100,000 to 500,000)$1 million to $2 million$650,000 to ???
Metropolitan (500,000+)$2 million+???+

*As markets and revenue grow, some of the quoted income may be used to pay employees as sales representatives.

How Much Does it Cost to Become a City Manager?

City Manager licenses are priced based on your city’s size, location, and other factors.

The City Manager program is like a franchise in many ways, but as a simple “License Agreement,” it’s a fraction of the cost, and much less complicated and restrictive. Contact us any time to learn more about what it would take to become a City Manager in your hometown. is Great for Individuals, Too

Some of our most successful city managers are solo entrepreneurs who want to know each and every client on a first name basis.

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