It’s been a busy year since the grand opening of our flagship Local Hub in Downtown Midland, Ontario.

We’re excited about what we’ve learned in this new facility as we continue to bridge the online and offline worlds in this picturesque, yet fairly typical small community.

There are thousands of towns and cities just like Midland that are trying to find their place in a world dominated by big box stores, chains and large metropolitan areas.

These outside forces threaten the livelihood of communities by drawing revenue away from the downtown cores that are the heart of the community, creating a void in the very fabric of small-town society.

Since we setup the Local Hub at the corner of the main intersection of downtown, in an old bank facility, truly becoming part of the downtown community, we’ve multiplied our resolve to help create strong, vibrant downtowns, and ultimately, stronger local economies.

The model that we’ve developed, with the Local Hub at the center, is unique in the world, but can be replicated just about anywhere through the City Managerprogram.

This program encourages spenders to shop locally, shifting spending to local businesses and leveraging the local multiplier effect to build a stronger local economy.

The model is always evolving, especially the online platform that connects the local business community. Through shared best practices, shared resources and the centralization of some difficult-to-launch processes, we enable passionate entrepreneurs, municipal governments and community groups to re-create our successes, relationships and infrastructure in their own communities.

Momentum has started to build, and it looks like the next 12 months are going to be explosive.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, send an email to and if you aren’t already on our mailing list, sign up here and we’ll keep you posted.

We’ve got a number of announcements to make about new products and new business developments throughout 2015.

Stay tuned!