The network is proud to announce that we now support payment in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the world’s leading, open virtual currency enabling individuals and businesses to transact online, securely, conveniently and with no processing fees.

Unlike national currencies, there is no central authority that oversees the network. Instead, it is managed automatically by the logic within the program, ensuring that counterfeiting is not possible, and abuse is not likely.

In the last year, Bitcoin adoption has really taken off, with both the value of the currency and the number of merchants accepting it growing exponentially.

The open nature of Bitcoin (anyone can examine the code it runs on, ensuring it is both secure and ‘fair’) and growing standardization of the platform makes it a great tool for those looking to create lasting economic change, as we are here at

For these reasons, we have decided to implement support for Bitcoin throughout the system.

As of January 15th, 2014, all merchants on the network will be able to accept Bitcoin payments for marketplace transactions, e-payments and donations.

At the same time, members will be able to pay for subscriptions to the platform with Bitcoin.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide tens of thousands of local independent businesses with their first exposure to the world of Bitcoin. We look forward to helping them get setup with wallets, learn about safety and security, as well as the investment opportunities presented by the currency” said Colin Pape, founder of

“At the same time, we believe that mass acceptance of Bitcoin on a local level could be the key to unlocking the value of the currency as holders have increased options for Bitcoin spending.”

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