Lindsay and TJ Papp became the owners of during the summer of 2014.

They’d saved up some money working at their radio station and construction supply jobs and were planning to invest in a rental property when they heard about the opportunity.

They found out that, the site for their home community of Kelowna, British Columbia was available for purchase. And with low overhead and start-up costs, it was more affordable than other businesses for sale.

Intrigued by the prospect of a career that would provide them with flexible schedules and allow them to spend more time with their kids, they started doing some research.

They loved that the business was built around helping other businesses succeed and creating a stronger local economy.

With both Lindsay and TJ growing up in entrepreneurial households, they knew the importance of small businesses and realized that business owners needed the tools and support offered by the platform to thrive in this new connected and mobile world.

Getting Down to Business

After speaking with other City Managers and customers, and repeatedly hearing great things about, they started crunching the numbers.

It didn’t take long for the Papps to recognize the power of a subscription-based business that would enable them to create recurring revenue streams that would compound over time and provide a true path to financial freedom.

Lindsay and TJ became convinced that as the owners of they could spend a few years building up the business and then employ someone to operate it while they earned residual income.

They created a two-year plan in which they would build up enough subscriptions to replace their incomes and then slowly transition out of their corporate jobs.

TJ was the first to go full-time at after just six months of owning the business.

Then they started working on Lindsay’s transition, and another year in she had taken the plunge to spending all of her working hours on their new business.

Now Lindsay and TJ are able to spend more time with their children, are generating the revenue they need to fund their lifestyle, and are proud to have become active members of their local business community.

They were even featured in a news segment from their local TV station.

Shop Local

It’s an important economic driver and new initiatives are making it easier for consumers to shop local, including a new Online Shopping website in Kelowna.

And Lindsay was recently profiled by an online community news site,

Although there’s still more work ahead, Lindsay and TJ are incredibly happy with their decision to buy and take control of their lives and their livelihood.

They plan to make a household name and build the #1 local business resource and platform for local companies. is behind them 100% and we know they will achieve all of their goals and dreams.


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