The Shop Local Movement

10 Hot Business Ideas for Local Entrepreneurs

Growing industries, new trends, and a focus on local shopping have made for a lot of business opportunities for local entrepreneurs this year. If you’re tempted to run your own business and put your entrepreneurial skills to use, but just don’t know where to start, one of these ten business ideas may be the venture [...]

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3 Ways Businesses Can Spread the Local Love

We talk a lot at about why consumers should support local businesses, so this time we're going to switch it around. Let’s talk instead about why and how local businesses should support their customers, nearby businesses and sometimes their competitors (gasp!). 1. Wow Your Customers When your customer comes through your door, gives you [...]

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A Millennial’s Guide to Shopping Locally

Millennials are the first generation on the planet to have grown up completely and totally connected to the world through a screen. And now, as they get older and find good -paying gigs, they are also the first generation to be targeted by algorithms and then inundated with online advertising for instant-ship goods that magically [...]

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