The Shop Local Movement

Shopping locally doesn’t just help local businesses. It also supports local charities, local artists and musicians, and helps fund city services.

Learn how shop local movements are transforming their communities and how you can help.

Does Your City Need a Business Incubator?

Throughout the U.S. and Canada, business incubators have become a popular way for towns and cities to support and grow home-grown startups. If you’re considering starting a business incubator or entrepreneur center, it’s important to consider if your city needs it, or will benefit from it, before you get started. 1. Are There Other Business [...]

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How Independent Bookstores are Making a Comeback

Book lovers will remember a time where the advent of e-books and Amazon delivery threatened to close down their local, independent bookstore. While bookstores many did close down, those that managed to survive the decade-long lows have begun to experience a comeback. While the number of independent bookstores fell by 40 percent from the mid-nineties [...]

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10 Hot Business Ideas for Local Entrepreneurs

Growing industries, new trends, and a focus on local shopping have made for a lot of business opportunities for local entrepreneurs this year. If you’re tempted to run your own business and put your entrepreneurial skills to use, but just don’t know where to start, one of these ten business ideas may be the venture [...]

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3 Ways Businesses Can Spread the Local Love

We talk a lot at about why consumers should support local businesses, so this time we're going to switch it around. Let’s talk instead about why and how local businesses should support their customers, nearby businesses and sometimes their competitors (gasp!). 1. Wow Your Customers When your customer comes through your door, gives you [...]

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